Story Seeders


The Story Garden upload/download system is designed to empower people with the ability to record in oral and written form the timeless art of storytelling.

The ability to leave stories and family history of your life is becoming a lost part of our society. To give our children the stories that our parents and grandparents sold us in childhood is a gift that can now be created by everyone.

The educational benifits of the lessons as well as teaching reading and listening skills is a important part of devloping and learning.

All are welcome to use this service with the condition being that uploads are the property of the site holder, are not covered by copyright, or permission given from "owner".

You have control of selling or free to download, you can edit online all your information and also embed photos, You Tube and use the wysiwyg system. The ability to make text download able and password protect project fies allow for groups to work together in creating or distribution of a presentation. The system also integrates your stories within the  player and websites all over the world.

The interface is designed to be simple and to the point with the tools that make distribution on your terms a reality.

Created as part of the system, the ability to expand your internet visibility can include the entire array of options available to everyone in



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